ATAI disseminates research findings from randomized evaluations sourced through semi-annual research competitions. We produce and disseminate this rigorous evidence to inform the following:

How effective are agricultural interventions targeting low-income smallholder farmers in developing countries?

ATAI is building the evidence base.

Our research illuminates effective approaches to catalyze:

ADOPTION:  When agricultural technologies and approaches are shown to work, do farmers actually adopt and engage with them?

IMPACT:  When farmers do adopt technologies and/or deepen their engagement with markets, under what conditions is this sustained? Does technology adoption ultimately improve their productivity, increase their income and/or their wellbeing?

TRANSFORMATION:  Which approaches contribute to the transformation of agricultural economies?


ATAI researchers and staff disseminate research findings among practitioners and policymakers, help implementers scale cost-effective strategies, and support evidence-based program design in agriculture.

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