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Bridge the Gap between Research and Policy, One Panel Discussion (and 145 Studies) at a Time

Post - World Bank Development Impact Blog

by David Evans

“What’s the secret to effectively bridging the gap between research and policy? Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Last week I participated in a series of events in Nairobi: the East Africa Evidence Summit, an Agriculture in Africa event, and a policy forum with Kenya’s Vision 2030. (The full line-up of events is here; with sponsors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). The events included active discussions on how to more effectively bring evidence into policy. The conversations included a wide range of views, from representatives of the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments, non-government organizations, Kenyan and Ugandan academics from universities and think thanks, and researchers from outside the region. Here are a few take-aways…”

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