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Lorenzo Casaburi discusses protecting insecure farmers on VoxDev

ATAI researcher Lorenzo Casaburi recently discussed his work on increasing the uptake on agricultural insurance products among smallholders in a VoxDev video Q&A. In Kenya, Lorenzo Casaburi and Jack Willis tested whether a lack of cash at the time of insurance contract offers depresses take-up among smallholders; in this context, only 5 percent of farmers take up insurance when they have to pay upfront during the planting season. Delaying the insurance payment premiums for contract farmers until harvest increased take-up to 72 percent. ATAI has supported Casaburi and his collaborator Jack Willis to see if they can expand their insurance work as a pilot in India. Learn more in Casaburi and Willis’ 2017 working paper and ATAI’s short blog discussing the paper.

Watch the VoxDev video Q&A >>