Find the current Request for Proposals at this link.


ATAI’s semi-annual research competitions fund pilots and full-scale studies of agricultural technology adoption, as well as full-scale studies measuring the impact of adopted agricultural technologies and promising approaches to encourage agricultural transformation. This round we are also accepting applications for “top up” proposals to research projects already funded by ATAI. For more information, please review the Request For Proposals.



Eligible ATAI researchers are those that are J-PAL and/or CEGA affiliates, or have been specially invited by ATAI to join our network of researchers. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to participate, we welcome you to inquire by emailing us at [email protected].

Latest Request for Proposals


ATAI recently released a request for proposals this fall 2017. Notification of the opportunity and application details were sent directly to eligible applicants. Instructions and templates are also provided here.


This round we are issuing a single coordinated funding window, accepting applications for Pilots, Full-scale Adoption studies, Full-Scale Impact studies, or “Top Up” proposals. Definitions and relevant distinctions are provided in the attached RFP. There is $1 million available to award.

For this round of grants, there are two deadlines:

  1. Tuesday, October 31, 2017: We ask that applicants complete a very brief pre-proposal form. This is helps us prepare a streamlined proposal review and award process so selected projects can begin more quickly.
  2. Tuesday, December 19, 2017: Final submission deadline. Please submit complete applications to [email protected]. Please review the instructions and guidance in the RFP, and consider ATAI’s recent evidence synthesis work: “Emerging Insights” in credit and savings, risk, information, and input/output markets.

We ask applicants to review the RFP carefully for detailed instructions on the proposal criteria and application process. Be sure to pay particular attention to the power calculation requirements.

We look forward to yet another exceptional ATAI competition. If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].