Arnaud Dakpogan

K-CAI Research and Scaling Fellow

Arnaud Dakpogan is a Research and Scaling Fellow at J-PAL Africa, where he works with affiliates and policy-makers to develop evidence-based strategies and partnerships for J-PAL’s K-CAI program in Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a PhD in Development Finance from Stellenbosch University, and a Master of Art in Development Economics from Williams College. His research interests lie in the areas of Climate Economics and Finance, Energy Economics and Finance. Before joining J-PAL Africa, Arnaud served as a PhD economist in the evaluation team of A2F Consulting and worked on the Regional Sahel Livestock Support Project (PRAPS) funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Niger. He also served as an energy researcher at Social Impact Inc and worked on the Benin’s Off-the-Grid Energy Access Project (OGEAP / MCC). Arnaud has been the MPhil research coordinator in Development Finance at Stellenbosch University Business School, where he continued to act as an external supervisor for graduate research in the areas of climate and energy economics.