Kodjo Kondo

AGRA's Regional M&E Officer for West Africa

Kodjo Kondo is AGRA’s Regional M&E Officer for West Africa. He is an agricultural Economist with
extensive expertise in participatory planning, M&E, and mixed method research. Prior to joining AGRA,
Kodjo worked as M&E Specialist for USAID and Dutch Government funded regional agricultural value
chain and seed system development programs implemented by CORAF, ICRISAT and IFDC. He served
as AGRA focal point in the 3ie’s agricultural wing steering committee and that of CORAF in the IFPRI-
led Technical Partnership in support of the Science Agenda for African Agriculture.

Kodjo holds a PhD from the University of New England in Armidale – New South Wales Australia. His
doctoral research portfolio, under the World Bank funded West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program,
included identifying the dissemination mechanisms that most drive the adoption of improved agricultural
technologies and assessing the impact of technology-uptake on smallholder-farmers’ technical and
economic performance in cassava value chain in Ghana.