Proposal Development

Accelerating the Adoption of Climate-resilient Seed Technologies



Tomoko Harigaya

Director of Research, Precision Agriculture for Development (PxD)

Technology Category
Improved Seed

Photo credit: Aga Khan Foundation

Finding the right partners and places to ask questions is paramount to understanding the drivers of agricultural transformation. To facilitate opportunities for researchers and partners to develop trust and scope early-stage evaluation questions, DAISI funds small Proposal Development grants to support very preliminary, exploratory research activities, including researcher travel. This Proposal Development grant explores research themes related to provision of information (crop extension) and access to inputs under the cross-cutting theme of resource use and climate resilience.  

With this Proposal Development grant, the researchers will explore a data sharing agreement with a local input supplier of a new climate-resilient seed variety (chickpea) in Gujarat, India to prepare for a bundled intervention that targets agrodealers with advisory services and new seed varieties, akin to  Dar et al. (2022).

Additionally, researchers will survey input suppliers to understand barriers to stocking new seed varieties, as well as universities and state seed corporation branches to to understand production and distribution challenges in the supply chain for climate-resilient seeds.