Proposal Development

How Can a Digital Solution Improve Small-Scale Rental Markets?



Iacopo Bianchi

Graduate Student at the Institute for International Economic Studies at Stockholm University

Jakob Svensson

Director, Professor of Economics, Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm University

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Stefano Tripodi

PhD Fellow at Copenhagen Business School

Cristina Clerici

Graduate Student at the Stockholm School of Economics and fellow at the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets

Information, Labor
Technology Category
Inputs, Irrigation, Labor

Photo Credit: Dorothy Nabatanzi via Flickr

Finding the right partners and places to ask questions is paramount to understanding the drivers of agricultural transformation. To facilitate opportunities for researchers and partners to develop trust and scope early-stage evaluation questions, DAISI funds small Proposal Development grants to support very preliminary, exploratory research activities, including researcher travel. This Proposal Development grant explores research themes related to gender-based barriers to the adoption of digital tools and access to inputs (labor, land, and equipment) under the cross-cutting theme of gender. 

With this proposal development grant, researchers have partnered with a service-sharing platform to evaluate its impact on agricultural productivity for farmers and agricultural workers. Researchers intend to evaluate the platform’s functionality and determine how easily the platform can collect detailed transaction data, understand farmers’ and workers’ interest in adopting the platform, and examine potential gender differences in adoption patterns.