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Research in Action: Insights about Loyalty and Governance in Farmer-Based Organizations

USAID Agrilinks Webinar: Ag Sector Council Seminar


Land O’Lakes International Development Program Manager for Cooperative Development Greg Grothe and economists Lorenzo Casaburi of Stanford University and Rocco Macchiavello of Warwick University presented new findings and insights on farmer loyalty and the implications on governing through collective action. Grothe drew on research and extensive evidence-based work with farmer organizations funded by USAID’s Cooperative Development Program. Based on collaborations with Land O’Lakes as well as independent research, Casaburi and Macchiavello provided additional in-depth insights on the dynamics of farmer organizations and member behavior.

Topics related to this discussion included:

  • Drivers of farmer loyalty
  • Challenges with enforcements, penalties and rewards
  • Implications of heterogeneity on organizational governance
  • Financial services and loyalty: opportunities and challenges

By better understanding what influences farmers’ trust and loyalty, practitioners can improve the efficacy of farmer-based organizations and positively affect agricultural markets and food security.”

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