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ATAI Bi-annual Update: First Edition

ATAI Announces Funding for Three Randomized Evaluations and Three Proposal Development Grants

The Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI) announces its second round of research awards focused on understanding the drivers of agricultural transformation, totaling $581,609. The first decade of ATAI research, aimed at inducing technology adoption by relaxing a menu of constraints, illuminated that further changes are needed in how farmers interact with markets. Absent these changes farmers will not be able to relax the necessary constraints to induce transformative change.

In late 2019, the program funded three full-scale randomized evaluations in Senegal, Rwanda, and Kenya and three exploratory proposal development grants to further understanding about how to improve smallholders interactions with markets to increase agricultural productivity. For more information on the six selected studies, continue reading the full funding announcement on the ATAI website!

Read the full Bi-annual Update here