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ATAI co-hosts Ghana Evidence to Action summit with ICED and BASIS

Policy and Research Dissemination Event - Accra, Ghana, July 25-26 2017

ATAI co-hosted a second Evidence to Action summit to disseminate evidence and build connections with policymakers and implementers working to improve outcomes for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Building on its existing partnership with the International Center for Evaluation and Development (ICED) and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access (the AMA Innovation Lab), ATAI helped convene over 100 participants who represented local and international NGOs, research centers, academic institutions, and government partners. IPA Ghana and the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research of Ghana (ISSER) also supported this summit. The two day event took place in at ISSER in Accra on July 25 and 26, 2017.

Together, the studies presented introduced attendees to ATAI’s approach and disseminated evidence on diverse strategies—from providing innovative credit products to tailoring extension services—to facilitate smallholders’ adoption of technology and access to markets.

Additional presentations delivered at the event are publically available on ICED’s webpage.

The Impacts of Agricultural Insurance on Cotton Production and Incomes in Burkina Faso and Mali
Bundling Risk Management Technologies to Improve Agricultural Productivity
Agricultural Microfinance in Mali
Testing Agricultural Technology in Northern Ghana
The Generalizability Puzzle
Evidence in Agriculture: Credit for Smallholders