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June 21: Evidence for Transformation – Framing ATAI’s Research Agenda in Agriculture for Development

FAO Headquarters, Rome

On June 21st, ATAI hosted a half-day session with the aim of gathering input on ATAI’s approach to building a body of impact research on agricultural transformation. The overarching goal was to bring together the broader research, funding, and implementing communities to concretely identify opportunities where ATAI’s resources can be best deployed. Through fruitful discussion, the session endeavored to highlight 1) contexts and value chains that exhibit the enabling conditions for agricultural transformation, 2) types of interventions or investments to evaluate, 3) opportunities to deploy randomized control trials (RCTs) to measure impacts in market-level indicators, and 4) cross-cutting themes to prioritize for future research. This event also served as an opportunity for ATAI to solicit feedback on the structure of ATAI’s research agenda and the value the research agenda could bring to the donor and policy communities.

Reference materials for the event can be found below.

Download: ATAI half-day agenda
Download: ATAI 2019 - Framing a research agenda for agricultural transformation
Download: de Janvry 2019 - Transforming Agriculture
Download: Discussion questions for breakouts on stages of agricultural transformation

ATAI thanks FAO, as well as IFAD, the World Bank, SPIA of the CGIAR, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development, for their support in hosting and convening this event.