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ATAI presents RCT evidence synthesis at “Disruptive Innovations, Value Chains, and Rural Development”

ICABR 2018 -- Washington D.C.


ATAI Senior Associate Leah Bridle presented an overview of the high-level takeaways from a decade of RCTs on the constraints to agricultural technology adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The review was based on a chapter “Experimental Insights on the Constraints to Agricultural Technology Adoption” co-authored with ATAI Board Officers Jeremy Magruder, Craig McIntosh, and Tavneet Suri to be published in a forthcoming World Bank policy volume. Her presentation was part of the “Understanding Productivity Growth in Developing Country Agriculture” panel at the ICABR 2018 conference hosted at the World Bank June 12-15:

Understanding Productivity Growth in Developing Country Agriculture

Chair: WIlliam Maloney, Chief Economist, World Bank

Sources of Growth in Agriculture: Keith Fuglie (USDA-ERS)

Farm Size and Agricultural Productivity: Nicholas Edward Rada (USDA-ERS)

Constraints to Agricultural Technology Adoption: Leah Bridle (CEGA – UC Berkeley)

Private Sector Innovation for Agriculture: Carl Pray (Rutgers University)

Marketing Chains and Agricultural Productivity: Jo Swinnen (KU Leuven)



Alain de Janvry presents on a panel "The Future of Agriculture Transformation: Beyond 2018"

Associate Vice President of IFAD Paul Winters presents on the closing plenary: "Lessons Learned & Future Policy Challenges" with Director General of IFPRI Shenggen Fan, Regional Vice President of the IFC Sergio Pimenta, Chief Economist of USAID Louise Fox, UC Berkeley Professor David Zilberman, President of ICABR Carl Pray, with Shanta Devarajan (Senior Director) and Simeon Ehui (Director) at the World Bank